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20th Century's Big Hoax was Darwinism; This Century it's Global Warming

Beliefs in global warming, environmentalism, and overpopulation are all united around the core belief that human beings are bad.

The theory of evolution is related because it maintains humans are not special. They are not created in the image of God. In fact evolution tries to explain how God may not have had anything to do with anything.

The 1st 3 beliefs connect to abortion by rationalizing it and the latter by lessening its significance.

Pat Buchanan wrote a great column on March 2 entitled, "Hoax of the century." In it he explains how Darwinism was the great hoax of the 20th Century, and global warming is the great hoax of the 21st Century. (In his piece Buchanan describes the Piltdown Man hoax, a model of which is pictured left.)

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I'm always intrigued by stories about evolution, which fall into 3 categories: 1) Hostility of its believers verging on terror that any would question it, with mammoth (pardon the pun) attempts to quash dissenters; 2) a new find "proving" evolution, usually the "missing link"; 3) a revelation that an old find was either a hoax or case of mistaken identity.

I'll add I'm saddened some Christians think evolution can somehow fit into our belief system. It simply cannot. Either the Genesis 1 account of creation is accurate, or it is not. To this day there is NO standing evidence that Darwin was right, only evidences dashed.

To that end comes a March 5 AOL story that falls into category #3. It tells how a supposed "missing link" discovered last year named "Ida" (pictured left) turns out to likely by an "ancestor to lemurs." One point in the AOL piece not to miss is how anxious MSM and evolution suckers were to believe a lie:

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In the weeks leading up to Ida's May 19 museum debut, the media frenzy intensified. A&E purchased the rights to make a documentary about Ida, and ABC News signed a deal for an exclusive interview with Hurum to appear on Good Morning America, Nightline and World News With Diane Sawyer. Little Brown & Co.bought the publishing rights, and, according to The New York Times, pre-shipped 110k copies of the book, which, like A&E's film, is titled The Link.

NY Mayor Michael Bloomberg and British television nature host David Attenborough attended the ceremony at the American Museum of Natural History, which was sponsored by the History Channel....

I guess I do believe some humans can evolve into lemmings.


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