A Las Vegas security guard was caught on video beating an unidentified man in front of a video arcade called Insert Coins on Feb. 12.

A bystander filmed the incident with his cell phone (video below) on a public sidewalk although another security guard, who did not work for Insert Coins, repeatedly tried to block his view.

According to PhotographyIsNotaCrime.com, a Las Vegas police officer refused to look at the video and stated, “Get the f--- out of here."

Christopher LaPorte, who owns Insert Coins, defended his security guards on his Facebook page:

"I would like to point out to those questioning my security staff's professionalism at Insert Coin(s) that any allegation of wrong doing is inherently false and while a video is floating around the internet about a violent takedown by way of a Stephen Stubbs it can easily be proved misleading with surveillance camera footage currently being reviewed by Metro. I stand by my staff and ask those to think twice before pointing fingers at my team. Thank you."

The bystander who filmed the incident is reportedly represented by Stephen Stubbs, who posted the video on his YouTube page with this description:

"On the evening of February 12, 2015, A man (who appeared to be homeless and/or under the influence of drugs/alcohol) was dancing on the sidewalk in front of Insert Coins on Fremont Street."

"Security guards were yelling at him to leave and the dancing man ignored them (continued dancing). When the Security guards taunted the dancing man to attack them, my client (who does not wish to come forward with his identity) took out his phone and started recording."

"A security guard attacked the dancing man, beat him up and continued to choke and beat him even after he was lying motionless on the ground. A plain closed security guard tried to obstruct my client from videotaping the incident and even physically pushed him away."

"A security guard from the Griffin on Fremont then crossed the street, attacked my client, grabbed his phone and smashed it on the ground (destroying it)."

"My client waited for the police, tried to make a statement and told LVMPD that he had video. A LVMPD Officer ordered him to “Get the f@!! out of here. This doesn’t concern you”. My client left (fearing that he would be arrested) and contacted me."

Sources: PhotographyIsNotaCrime.com, Facebook, YouTube
Image Credit: YouTube Screenshot


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