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Las Vegas Cop Pulls Gun On Black Man Picking Up His Baby Daughter (Video)

A police officer reportedly pulled a gun on a black man and a woman who were picking up their baby daughter in Las Vegas the evening of Nov. 11 (video below).

Facebook user Mooch Esguerra posted the video on his page for the couple whom he identifies as his best friends, using the pseudonyms BF1 (man) and BF2 (woman).

Esguerra writes that his friends "were at their baby's grandmother's home and had just finished putting the baby in the car. Out of nowhere units rushed and surrounded them and drew weapons because BF1 fit the description of a robber."

"Sir, take your hands out of your pockets, right now!" the cop commands, even though the man (who self-identifies as black) is using at least one hand to hold his cellphone to film the officer.

The officer, who is holding a gun, tells the man that he is a "possible robbery suspect" and to come over to his cruiser, but the man calmly says, "I'm staying right here."

The cop demands that the man come over and be searched for weapons, but the man and the woman tell the officer that they are picking up the baby.

When the officer then asks the man if he has any weapons on him, the man says he doesn't have any, but adds, "You obvious have one in your hand, right now, loaded."

Suddenly, the cop charges the "possible robbery suspect," who was allegedly such a threat that the officer had to pull a gun on him only seconds earlier, reports The Free Thought Project.

While taking the man into custody, the officer again claims the man has his hands in his pockets. The video comes to a shaky end.

Esguerra writes on Facebook, "The rest of what I'm telling you wasn't caught on camera. From there 3 police officers also apprehended BF2, banged her head on the car window 3-4 times and arrested her. She has knots and bruises on her face. They also provoked BF1 and taunted him while dragging and pulling him by his cuffs."

"One officer even asked BF1 'what's he going to do about it'. At this time they still haven't acknowledged the child or closed the door to at least keep her warm and were looking for reasons to send BF1 to jail, they found nothing. The professionalism of the officers was thrown out the window treating both like caged animals verses human beings, except one officer."

"After BF2 had mentioned to the officers what they were doing was wrong (due to her bachelors in criminal justice and knowledge of the law) they uncuffed her and bribed her with letting them know if she wants to work with metro to give them a shout. The police officers let them go without any apologies. All of this and no Miranda rights were read to them."

Sources: Facebook, The Free Thought Project / Photo credit: Mooch Esguerra /Facebook Screenshot

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