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Larry Young Hints At Illinois Police Cover-Up In Daughter Molly’s Death

Nearly a year and a half after a young woman died under mysterious circumstances in Carbondale, Ill., her father is hinting at a police cover-up.

Molly Young died from a single gunshot wound to the top of her head. She was found dead in her ex-boyfriend’s apartment. 

Illinois State Police took over the investigation immediately after the death was reported to police because Young's ex-boyfriend is an employee at the Carbondale Police Department. They say they are investigating whether the death was a murder or suicide.

Young’s father, Larry, said the evidence doesn’t point to suicide and state investigators have ignored the only man with her at the time of her death who is an employee with the local police department.

 “I’ve spent every waking hour trying to find out what’s going on,” Larry Young, Molly’s father, said, according to KMOV. “I always say missteps and cover-ups are twins. They look alike but perform different functions. Cover-up is a big word, yes, and I’m not saying it until I prove what I see,” Young said.

He says he is seeing virtually no movement on the case in over a year since Illinois State Police picked up the local case.

 “There is no doubt in my mind somebody murdered my daughter. There’s one person, the main suspect, he refuses to be interviewed by state police since it began,” Young added.

Shortly after Molly’s death, her family created a Facebook page to try to get new information on what may have lead to her death. Larry has turned to Facebook to post a $5,000 reward as he keeps searching for justice for his daughter. 

Sources: KMOV, KFVS


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