Larry Wachowski Becomes Lana Wachowski, What Does Hollywood Think?

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The "Matrix" trilogy co-director Lana Wachowski experienced a lukewarm reception when she publicly debuted as a woman in a two minute promo for their film “Cloud Atlas” on July 2012.

After taking a hiatus from directing in 2008, viewers received a first look at Lana’s transformation. Celebrity reactions have been sparse, points out Salon.

When compared to Chaz Bono’s media storm that included a stint on “Dancing with the Stars” and the documentary “Becoming Chaz” which premiered at the 2011 Sundance Film Festival, Lana’s debut was quiet.

Part of the Wachowski duo, the siblings have directed high-profile films that include “Speed Racer” and all three "Matrix" films.

The site reasons that unlike Bono, the 47-year-old isn’t a celebrity but a creative figure known for generating memorable films that have earned a large fan base.

The New York Post reports that the completion of the hormone-heavy process began during the promotion of “Cloud Atlas” but the public already had an inkling of what to expect from then-Larry Wachowski.

In 2002, then-Larry went through a public divorce with wife Thea Bloom, leading to 2003 when the director’s date for the Cannes Film festival told the media Larry was a “cross-dresser.”

Later that year, film journalist Dave Poland wrote that the director was undergoing a sex change. Speculators claimed they noticed Wachowski adopting a more demure  appearance prior to the release of “Speed Race.r”


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