Larry Klayman Tells Obama To "Put The Quran Down," Insults Mitch McConnell

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Larry Klayman founded the political advocacy group Freedom Watch and writes for He’s also an outspoken Tea Party activist. At the recent “Million vets March on the Memorials” protest in Washington D.C., Klayman revealed that he actually thinks President Barack Obama is a Muslim. Or maybe his statements were just “metaphoric,” as he later claimed. 

At the rally, Klayman urged Obama to “get up, to put the Quran down, to get up off his knees, and to figuratively come out with his hands up."

His Islamic-tinged speech continued as he said, “In 237 years, our country has declined more than Rome took 2000 years to do. We are ruled, quote-unquote, by a president that bows down to Allah.”

In a likely attempt to get Klayman to apologize for his statements, MSNBS host Martin Bashir repeatedly asked him whether or not he had ever seen evidence that Obama was a practicing Muslim. 

“Have you observed him performing the various practices of Islam? Has he arranged for the White House to be arranged so that it faces Mecca? Have you seen him take the hajj? What is your evidence for making those kind of public statements?” Bashir asked.

After Klayman responded that “those references were metaphoric,” he continued, “But they ring true, because this president has done everything he can to harm Israel, to harm American interests in the Middle East.”

Bashir continually pressed Klayman in an attempt to provoke him with narrowly-worded questions such as asking whether or not he would call Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) or Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) a “whore,” since his new book refers to Congressmen under that term.

Klayman played along with Bashir, ultimately referring to the latter as a whore. “In terms of how I would characterize them, Mitch McConnell has as old out the American people, so I would characterize him in that group. He does not represent the interests of the conservative movement, the libertarian movement, or for that matter, any other movement,” Klayman said.”


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