LAPD Officer Under Investigation for Swinging Baton at Protesters (Video)


The Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) is investigating one of their police officers who was caught on video swinging a baton at anti-police brutality protesters on Dec. 1.

LAPD Commander Andrew Smith said the incident was brought to the department's attention after an unidentified woman showed them a video (below), notes The Los Angeles Times.

On the video, the officer is seen swinging his baton at protesters while other officers arrest a man on the street.

The unidentified woman told a police commission meeting today that the officer "took a billy club and swung it like a baseball bat."

"It came within 2 feet of my head," the woman added.

In addition to the woman who filmed the incident, several other protesters spoke at the police commission meeting today about what they felt was abuse by the LAPD, reported KTLA (video below).

Sources: KTLA, The Los Angeles Times


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