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LAPD Officer Shoots Nonviolent Dog In The Face

The Los Angeles Police Department shot another nonviolent dog recently. The dog managed to survive the shot to the face but is left with permanent damage.

On January 13th, Los Angeles resident Jessica Cabrera was inside playing with her 16-month-old daughter. Cabrera and her husband own two dogs. As any dog owner will tell you happens from time to time, the gate to their backyard was left unlatched and the dogs ran out of the yard.

Since she was inside, Cabrera was unaware that her dogs were free. A neighbor called the Los Angeles Police Department (LADP) and officers arrived at the home shortly after. One of the dogs ran back into the Cabrera’s yard upon the officer’s arrival. The other dog, a four year old named Drake, walked towards the officers. There is no mention in the police report of Drake acting aggressively, barking, or growling at the officers.

As Drake walked closer to the officers, one of the officers shot him in the eye. The officer probably expected the shot to kill the dog, but it didn't. After hearing gunshots, Cabrera went outside and saw that Drake had been shot. She rushed him to the veterinarian immediately.

Thankfully, veterinarians were able to save Drake.

“Our dog has suffered severe trauma to his head and eye, and will now be disabled for the remainder of his life,” Cabrera said. “The vet had to remove his eye, which was completely ruptured, he has brain damage and shattered bones all in his face. His nasal cavity has also been destroyed. The vet could not believe the damage that this all did…”

Cabrera and her family set up a GoFundMe page, which you can see here, to help pay for Drake’s expensive vet bill. Still, the family left angry and confused about why LAPD officers didn’t settle the incident a number of nonviolent ways.

“They had plenty of ways to go out this such as 1. Firing a warning shot. 2. Knocking on our door 3. Approaching the dog in a friendly manner,” Cabrera wrote on the GoFundMe page. “Our dog is so strong and he has been in great spirits since surgery but it kills me to see his face and how much pain he has endured. He is 4 years old and the sweetest dog I have ever come across. He spends so much time with my daughter and is great to her.”

The family is now seeking council on what action to take against LAPD next. Here are pictures of Drake from before and after the shooting.

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Sources: Examiner, GoFundMe


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