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LAPD Officer Searches Woman's Breast, Groin Area (Video)

Pro-Ferguson protesters were arrested in Los Angeles on Saturday night, but one cop may have gone too far while searching a demonstrator.

On a dimly shot video (below), a female protester, who is secured with zip-ties on her wrists, is searched by a female police officer, noted

The video shows the officer touching the protester's breast and appearing to search between her legs.

“I’m not consenting to this," states the female protester, noted The Free Thought Project. "That’s too much touching. I am not consenting to this. Take pictures! Don’t touch me in private areas … Don’t touch my vagina … Don’t touch my breasts … There’s no weapons in my vagina.”

At one point the protester consents to being searched if it means she can avoid jail, but starts crying when her breast is touched again by the officer.

A YouTube user with the handle "discarted," who posted the video, wrote:

After purposely leading protestors into the street on two occasions, LAPD officers kettled and detained over a hundred marchers. Each detainee was zip-tide and asked various questions such [as] "where do you live," "where did you grown up," and "what is your social security number."

All of which, are questions detainees are not required to answer in the state of California. The information collected by LAPD is being databased, and on some occasions it's shared with the FBI and other law enforcement agencies.

The woman in this video was subjected to an aggressive search of her body that included the touching of her breasts and vagina. The officer claimed she needed to search for weapons. The woman was eventually lead away toward the direction of the paddy wagon.

Sources:, The Free Thought Project, YouTube


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