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LAPD Kills Man Holding Metal Pipe, Body Cams Turned Off (Video)

Los Angeles police officers shot and killed a man armed with a metal pipe on March 4 (video below).

The cops had their body cameras turned off, notes KABC.

However, a bystander, Bryce Marshall, filmed the shooting with a cell phone from across the street in downtown Los Angeles, reports KNBC.

Marshall said the man wearing white, who is seen walking back and forth, was arguing with the man holding the pipe.

"The man with the pipe was [kind of] swinging it around to kinda get him away from it," Marshall said. "And then the cops showed up."

In the video, the man with the pipe walks toward two officers who have their guns drawn. Marshall jokes with another bystander: "Ninja man with a Ninja stick. He's not gonna die."

The police open fire on the man with the pipe, who drops to the concrete.

"I've never seen someone killed in front of me," Marshall recalled. "It was pretty intense."

In the video, at least four police cars come racing to the scene. The video does not capture whether police rendered aid to the man.

"I'm just not sure if lethal force was the right way to go about it," Marshall said.

LAPD Detective Meghan Aguilar later told journalists: "Someone here was concerned enough that they made a 911 call ... related to that individual and his actions, which is, he was armed with this large pipe," reports KABC.

Business owner Clara Rios said she saw "two gentlemen, angry and antagonizing each other down the street," and "when they hit the corner, it just kind of went from an angry fight to something else."

According to Rios, the man with the pipe was a regular on the street, seemingly an implication that he was homeless.

"Could they have done something else prior to?" Rios added. "I say, yes. But you know again, I say I'm not the one in a uniform with a badge in front of a crazy person wielding something."

Rios said the man with the pipe was speaking Spanish when he was on a street corner earlier in the day.

The LAPD said that the cops tried to stop the pipe-wielding man with a stun gun, and then opened fire after the man still refused to drop the pipe.

LAPD detectives are planning to review the cell phone video of the shooting.

The LAPD also wants to track down the man dressed in white.

Warning: Disturbing Video, Profanity

Sources: KABC, KNBC / Photo credit: digitalshay/Flickr

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