LAPD: Star Richard Simmons Is 'Perfectly Fine'


Los Angeles police officials have confirmed that fitness star Richard Simmons is doing "perfectly fine," despite accusations that his housekeeper was holding him hostage.

Police reportedly visited the Hollywood Hills home of the star two weeks ago to check in on him, TMZ reports. According to a source, police were able to verify he is of "sound mind and perfectly fine."

Simmons has been living like a recluse for the last four years, which led some of his friends to believe he had been "kidnapped" by his housekeeper, Teresa Reveles, 64.

The star's publicist, Tom Estey, dismissed claims Reveles was holding him hostage, Daily Mail reports. 

According to People, Estey said: "Theresa is the housekeeper, she's the caretaker, she is extraordinary, she is amazing, she takes impeccable care of Richard and she has for as long as I have been working with Richard.

"So that is a complete load of c**p."

Estey further confirmed the fitness celebrity is not participating in the podcast "Missing Richard Simmons" produced by ex-"Daily Show" producer Dan Taberski, who is also Simmons' friend.

On the show, podcast host Taberski tried locating Lenny, Simmons' brother, but Lenny had shut the door in his face. Still, Taberski managed to get him on the phone.

Taberski sought to receive an explanation as to why his star brother was living a reclusive life.

A broadcast tease for the next episode in the series, to be released on Mar. 15, has Lenny saying of his brother: "He's not angry with anybody. I don't understand it. I wish I did."

It was feared that Reveles was controlling Simmons with black magic, as levied by former personal assistant Mauro Oliviera in early 2016, a charge the star denied in recent phone interviews with two chat shows.

"I am not kidnapped. I am just in my house right now," he had said.

"No one should be worried about me. The people that surround me are wonderful people who take great care of me," Simmons claimed. 

"[Reveles] has been with me for 30 years. It's almost like we're a married couple."

Simmons continued: "For the last 40 years I have been traveling, teaching classes, and I had a knee injury, so I had a knee replacement, which was very difficult for me.

"I have really just been taking it easy, staying at home, working out in my gym and doing the things I haven't done in a very long time."

Sources: Daily Mail, People, TMZ / Photo credit: TedMed via The Huffington Post

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