LAPD Discovers More Than 1,200 Guns In Home, Homeowner Found Dead In Car


Law enforcement officials in Los Angeles received the surprise of a lifetime when they say they discovered a home filled with guns along with the homeowner’s corpse decomposing in his vehicle.

Officers at the Los Angeles Police Department say they discovered more than 1,200 guns in a home at Palisades Drive. The guns included pistols, rifles and shotguns, reports the Los Angeles Times.

The find was a “staggering number of guns,” LAPD Cmdr. Andrew Smith said.

Many of the weapons had apparently never been fired and a few were still packed in their original boxes. Officers say they also discovered about 2 tons of ammunition.

"Our truck couldn't carry it all," said Smith. "We had to go back and make another trip."

Officers were initially investigating the homeowner’s death when they reportedly discovered his body inside of a vehicle parked near his home.

The police department's Robbery-Homicide Division says it found no sign of foul play and does not suspect homicide.

There is also no sign that the man had any criminal motive despite having a home filled with weapons. The LAPD will now investigate each weapon to see if any are linked to crimes.

“We have a lot of work to do. Running the background, history and legality of these weapons is going to require a tremendous amount of time," Smith said, reports Fox News. “It’s not a crime to have a large number of weapons so long as they were legal to own and legally obtained. We want to make sure that’s the case.”

The man’s cause of death has yet to be determined by the coroner. He has also yet to be identified.

Source: LA Times, Fox News / Photo credit: Screenshot via LA Times


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