Langenberg Wildlife Park in Switzerland Lets You Eat The Animals


When you visit Langenberg Wildlife Park, near Zurich, Switzerland, you may want to consider bringing your own food. The restaurant on the premises has put animals from the park on its menu. Visitors can enjoy selections like boar sausages, venison in cognac and wild deer carpaccio.

The new menu items are the result of overcrowding in the park. The park admitted to the Daily Mail that they’ve killed and served 49 deer and 10 wild boar since 2012. Zoo spokesman Martin Kilchenmann said “It's not our goal to sell the meat in the restaurant. If the animals have offspring then we have to manage the numbers.”

The other animals at the park, like bears, elk, lynx, wolves and Przewalski's horse- an endangered species, have relocation programs. “There is no need to resettle deer and boar in Switzerland because we have so many wild deer and boar here already,” Kilchenmann said.

“It's hard to sterilize deer and boars and the animals' welfare is our most important goal. We don't want to harm them,” he said “It's not so easy to control the breeding of deer and boars. We're not trying to make the menu look good.”

Animal welfare groups have voiced their concerns about the menu. Martyn Griffiths from Eurogroup for Animals said “It's bizarre, the whole purpose of a wildlife park is to protect animals, not make them a food item. We’re disappointed they’re taking this approach.”

Over half a million people visit the 4.6 square mile park every year and some are unhappy about the offered fare. One user on Tripadvisor said “We were somewhat perturbed and upset to find that some of the animals from the Zoo are served as food in the restaurant…. Loved the animals but didn't want to eat them thanks.”

The menu does contain a disclaimer that some of the meat comes directly from the park. There are also vegetarian options available.

Sources: Daily Mail

Image via Jiří Nedorost/Wikimedia


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