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Landlord Nabil Kashik Arrested for Assaulting News Reporter (Video)

Landlord Nabil Kashik was caught on tape (video below) taking a microphone from and allegedly assaulting reporter Lynn Gordon of CBS 12 News in Lake Worth, Fla., on Friday.

Gordon had just completed a news report that claimed that Kashik refused to repair some broken septic tanks on properties that he rents out. The result of the broken tanks is fecal matter rising up out of the ground.

Children are playing in the feces, which are also blocking up residents' bathtubs, but every time someone calls the health department, Kashik evicts them, reported CBS 12 News.

Gordon and cameraman Frank Porter approached Kashik on a public street to ask him about the disgusting living conditions, but he grabbed Gordon's microphone in a physical confrontation, notes CBS 12 News.

According to, an unidentified witness called the police, who viewed the video and arrested Kashik for battery.

Sources: CBS 12 News and


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