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Landlord Forced Teen To Choose Between Sex And Eviction

Landlord Forced Teen To Choose Between Sex And Eviction Promo Image

A Louisiana landlord has been found guilty of demanding sex for rent.

Kenneth Bryant, 47, was sentenced to prison on Dec. 14, the Daily Mail reports.

Judge Lee Faulkner handed down a 5-year sentence, but suspended three of those years and required Bryant to register as a sex offender, WWL reports.  

Bryant, a native of Harahan, Louisiana, was in Jefferson Parish court to face three counts of molestation of a juvenile. He pleaded guilty to forcing a 16-year-old girl to perform oral sex on him -- the alternative was that her family would be evicted. 

"He threatened her with her job. Threatened to have her fired from her job," the teen's father explained to station WWL, on the condition of anonymity. "Threatened to have us evicted. Threatened to have my sons evicted if she didn't do these acts."

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Prior to the verdict, the father explained why he wanted to speak out. "I'm afraid with the money and the backing of the politicians, he's always having dinners and lunches with them," he said. "I'm afraid that someone is gonna help him get easier charges, a slap on the wrist."

In early December, his daughter gave a recorded statement to the Children's Advocacy Center in New Orleans, providing details of her encounter with Bryant. 

He told her to take her clothes off and after she refused, forced her to perform oral sex, she said.

She was able to push Bryant off before he had a chance to do any more physical harm, according to the arrest warrant.

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The Kenner Police Department also obtained text messages exchanged between Bryant and the victim.

According to the warrant, the texts proved that the teen was "not wanting to have vaginal sex with him." The texts also revealed the firing of a family member because of the reporting to police. 

The incidents occurred on three occasions, according to police records: at Bryant's house, at his Kenner office, and inside a vehicle parked at his place of employment. 

The teen and her brother reportedly worked for Bryant when he was president of BFM Corporation, a land survey management company. 

It was the incident at Bryant's office at BFM Corporation that led police to arrest him and charge him with first-degree rape, after the victim reported the incident to police.

"We told him she was at the hospital reporting it. He was trying to get me to stop her," the father explained. "He told us we had to leave. We were evicted. He fired my son immediately."

BFM owner Ralph P. Fontcuberta, who fired Bryant after his first arrest, said: "I am sorry I ever met him. I am disgusted with this."

Sources: Daily Mail, WWL / Featured Image: Pixabay / Embedded Images: Kenner Police Department and Google Maps via Daily Mail

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