Landlord Won't Rent To Supporters Of This Candidate


A Colorado landlord is turning down tenants based on whether they support a certain infamous Republican presidential candidate.  

An ad posted in a Grand Junction’s Nickel looking for renters went viral when readers saw the last line: “DOWNTOWN APARTMENT, 2 bedrooms, furnished or use your things, organic garden space, hot tub, great back yard, dogs allowed if they have references as good as yours. If voting for Donald Trump, do not call!”

Mark Holmes, the landlord, considers himself a political activist. “I guess I did it because I want America to wake up, and I know that I can’t change people’s vote but any vote for Donald Trump is in the way wrong direction” he told KUSA.

Because the ad included his phone number, Holmes has received numerous responses -- both in support and in disagreement.

“I live in a red county, I’m sure my life has been threatened,” he said. “I didn’t want to live with somebody that is going to vote for Donald Trump, they’re just not my kind of person.”

Although The Fair Housing Act forbids tenant discrimination, political beliefs aren’t covered in the definition.

Holmes -- who lives above the apartment for rent -- has already found a renter, despite excluding Trump supporters.

“I don’t know what to do anymore about what’s going on in this country,” Holmes told The Daily Sentinel. “It’s just a mess.”

In January he registered the domain name, which lists his email address, in the hopes of recruiting activists to protest on various issues, according to The Daily Sentinel.

“I want to pick people who don’t mind spending a night in jail during a Gandhi-type of protest,” he said.

Sources: KUSA, Grand Junction Daily Sentinel / Photo credit: Mark Holmes/Facebook via Westward

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