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Landlord And Tattoo Shop Owner Accused Of Spying On His Tenants And Employee With Hidden Cameras

A 25-year-old woman working at Freaks Tattoo in Kansas City, Missouri, who also lived above the shop, noticed her apartment was wired with hidden cameras 18 months ago.

Now, Rodney Sanell, 48, the owner of the tattoo shop and her former landlord, is facing 42 counts of invasion of privacy for allegedly using hidden cameras to spy on five people, Kansas City Star reported.

The unidentified former tenant told police she believed Sanell had been spying on her since October 2013, when she left town and Sanell remodeled the apartment's bathroom.

Investigators found four smoke detectors in the kitchen, living room, hallway and victim’s bedroom that contained wires that fed into a computer in the tattoo parlor, WDAF reported. 

Police then discovered the wires were actually camera feeds, some of which linked to the four smoke detectors in the victim’s apartment. The detectives also found four more pinhole cameras in the bathroom, two hidden in the mirror’s trim and two more in the wall, facing the shower. Another three cameras were found in the victim’s bedroom and 11 other cameras were found in other apartments in the building. 

The other victims included a man the 25-year-old was dating, her roommate and a man she had dated, in addition to a maintenance worker who had done business with Sanell. The victim claimed Sanell had propositioned her and asked her out several times, but that she had turned him down.

Sources: Kansas City Star, WDAF / Photo credit: WDAF


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