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Lance Armstrong Believes He Will Be Forgiven Like Bill Clinton

Disgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong believes that the public will forgive him for his transgressions, similar to the way that former President Bill Clinton was forgiven after his cheating scandal. Armstrong said that he will be back on top in a decade and that he is using Clinton’s rehabilitation as a model for his own recovery. The athlete said that Clinton was a “hero of mine” and that he wanted to become “president of the world.” The comments came while Armstrong, 41, was speaking to Texas Monthly.

Armstrong won seven consecutive Tour de France titles but they have all now been stripped away after his doping scandal, reports The Daily Mail.

During the interview, he said: “Ultimately, people forgive and forget and remember the good stuff you did. Is it hard to do? Yeah. But Clinton did it - he loves to work, he loves people, he loves to hustle. He's a hero of mine. He's a tough guy, he's smart, surrounded himself with good people. And ten years later, he's president of the world. It can be done.”

After speaking to Oprah in January, Armstrong said it has been a “bloodbath.” He also denied that he had ever bullied anyone.

He said: “I prefer the word 'defiance' to 'bullying,’ but I'm sure there was some. I used that word a lot in the interview. That might be something I'd say less now. I don't think those situations have been accurately portrayed. The facts are out there. People can decide.”

Armstrong revealed that he now spends the bulk of his time hanging out with his children at his home in Austin, Texas. He still rides his bike but he has no shot of ever returning to professional cycling.

He knows that what he has done has changed the life of his kids, saying: “The stain’s not going away - my girls will grow into it. My two little ones will grow into it. This stain will live forever. I’ll never get rid of it. I’ll just try and do the best for my family, my community, my constituency - whatever that may be...”

He continued:

“...There are days I think, ‘I shouldn’t have done the interview (with Oprah).But then I see my kids, see the way they’re acting, the way they’re interacting. I see the way my son plays  basketball, the way he hustles, the way he’s focused. I see a different kid.”

Source: (The Daily Mail)


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