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Man Arrested After Being Caught On Camera Abusing His Dog (Video)

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Lancaster, California man Robert Martin was arrested after graphic footage of him publicly abusing a dog was captured and sent to police, according to authorities.

The incident was filmed by Lindsey Cooks, who reported that he was waiting at a bus station with his son when he saw 54-year-old Martin abusing a dog.

In the footage, Martin yanks the dog in the air by its leash as the dog yelps. Then, he throws the dog down onto the pavement in the street. After hitting the ground, the dog scurries away.

When Cook attempts to intervene, Martin yells racial slurs at him.

“I’m a human being, you know?” Cooks said. “I couldn’t see not even a human being treated like that, especially a dog that can’t defend itself.”

Cooks submitted the footage to Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department’s Lancaster Station and reported the abuse. When deputies responded to the scene, they arrested Martin on suspicion of felony animal cruelty.

The dog was picked up by Animal Control officers who determined that it was not seriously injured. The dog is currently being held at Los Angeles County Animal Care office in Lancaster.

Warning: Graphic Content

Sources: KTLA 5, LAist


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