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Lame-Duck Meets Avatar(d)

Next week Albertans could be witness to the most glaring of many examples of leadership failures by our own premier, Ed Stelmach.

Hollywood director James 'Avatar(d)' Cameron is scheduled to make a visit to our vitally important (and equally vilified) oil sands operations.

Cameron, who previously referred to our oil sands as '...a black eye for Canada', then followed up with the admission that he didn't really know anything about the subject, received a letter from Premier Stelmach inviting him to tour northern Alberta.

The Hollywood director has taken up the offer - but on his schedule.  Now we see the so-called 'leader' of the province doing his best impression of a jellyfish by kowtowing to the self-proclaimed 'king of the world'.

Stelmach will be hundreds of miles away, attending the Economic Edge Summit 2010 in Gatineau, Quebec but will drop everything for the meeting - most likely at our expense.

What makes matters worse is that the meeting was set on Cameron's schedule.  Apparently, 'his people' have more pull then 'Stelmach's people'.

The only issue is that there is going to be a meeting at all.

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