Lakewood, Washington May Ban Toy Guns in Public (Video)


A town in Washington State is considering a ban on the public display of toy guns.

The Lakewood City Council is considering making it a gross misdemeanor to display a toy gun in a threatening way, even though toys can do no harm, notes KOMO-TV (video below).

If that sounds drastic, there are some lawmakers who want toy violators to get bigger fines and more jail time.

The city council is concerned about cheap plastic BB guns, which they claim look like real guns. The toys can be bought at stores such as Walmart.

The city of Lakewood has already lost a court case to a woman who was accused of frightening her roommates with a toy gun, but still wants a ban.

Originally, the city council wanted to ban toy guns and "any other item" that could scare people, but pulled back on the "any other item" part.

The city council wants the local public safety committee to study the language of their latest proposal.

Source: KOMO-TV


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