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Lady Gaga's Belly The Subject Of Internet Buzz (Photo)

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The internet is abuzz with discussion of singer Lady Gaga's pot belly after her performance during Super Bowl halftime show.  

Lady Gaga performed in what has roundly been cheered as a successful show, the Daily Mail reports.  But some have instead focused on Gaga's belly, which made its appearance during the show. 

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Her fans, which she calls her "little monsters," took to Twitter to defend her.  

One fan tweeted, "you are banging hot. Don't forget that. A**hole people? You all need to stop. It's about music!" 

Another added, "I would be miss not to give honorary mention to Gaga's belly. For the girls who understand warm bread and olive oil."

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Others were harshly critical of the singer's physique. 

One user tweeted commented, "Gaga, that flap though!" 

Another wrote, "I just feel like #Gaga's dough should've been tucked in better."

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Before Gaga's performance, there was much speculation about whether she would the platform to make a political statement against President Donald Trump.  But Gaga instead focused on the music and entertainment factor, in a bid to make her audience "feel good," as she declared during the performance.  

As Teen Vogue points out, Gaga sang her hit "Born This Way," which many see as an LGBT anthem.  Some praised her online for doing so, especially with Republican Vice President Mike Pence in attendance at the Super Bowl. 

Sources: Daily Mail, Teen Vogue / Photo credit: Marc E/Wikimedia Commons

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