Labrador Retriever Pup Makes 'Scary' Discovery On The Beach


Human remains have been found on the Newbury side of Plum Island, Massachusetts, authorities confirmed on Saturday.

Bill Barrett was walking his Labrador retriever puppy on the Newbury side of the beach when the pup made an unusual discovery: a human leg bone still covered with a sock.

"It was pretty scary," Barrett told The Boston Globe. "My dog is a puppy, so she was just digging around, and there it was."

Barrett reported his puppy’s findings to the police, who then dispatched a team of investigators and medical examiners to the area behind 28 Fordham Way to investigate further.

The team covered a three-mile radius of the beach, finding more human remains in the federal portion of the island. Even more remains were found after a cycle of the tide.

Carrie Kimball Monahan, a spokeswoman for the Essex County District Attorney's office, said that local and state police will continue their investigation and hope to identify the body. "Investigators will look around at all missing person cases," Monahan told The Boston Globe. "They will try to identify this person."

Source: MyFoxBostonThe Boston Globe / Photo Credit: Wiki Media


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