Dog Saves Boy Who Was Stranded In Mountains


A heroic dog reportedly saved the life of a child who was lost in the wilderness for almost two days.

Juan Heriberto Trevino, 14, from Galeana, Mexico, was attending summer camp in the Sierra Madre Oriental mountain range on July 31 when he got lost, reports the Daily Mail.

As he tried collecting firewood, Juan tripped on moving tree trunks and tumbled down a ravine.

Fortunately, a Labrador named Max was close by. The 44-hour ordeal was a little easier thanks to the canine who refused to leave the boy’s side until rescuers arrived.

“He stayed by my side the whole time, making me feel safe,” Juan told Noticieros Televia.

The pair slept under a tree and cuddled to stay warm. Max even led the 14-year-old to a puddle of water so they could stay hydrated.

Almost two days later, emergency response personnel found the boy and the dog. They were both airlifted out of the mountain range and reunited with family. Juan suffered from dehydration and exhaustion and was taken to a nearby hospital.

"In that part of the mountain it is very easy to get lost. In addition, it's very cold at night, as it is very high," Martin Castillo, deputy director of the local police, told reporters. "The child was lucky to find the dog."

Initially, Juan’s parents wanted to adopt the dog, but Max already had a family who lives nearby, according to The Dodo.

In 2014, a lost 3-year-old North Dakota boy was protected by the family dog when he went missing for seven hours in the wilderness. ABC News reported that authorities were called in when Carson Urness disappeared from his family’s 10-plus acre estate in Cooperstown.

The family’s dog -- a German Shepherd, Labrador and Golden Retriever mix -- was discovered laying on top of the boy to shield him from the 40-degree temperatures that night. The canine had been adopted by the family three years earlier.

Sources: Daily Mail, The Dodo, ABC News / Photo credit: Proteccion Civil Galeana NL via Daily Mail

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