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Virginia Lab Worker Sentenced After Smearing Contaminated Feces On Co-Worker's Chair

A former lab worker from Virgina was not sentenced to jail time after she pleaded guilty to smearing feces on her co-worker's chair and computer mouse that had tested positive for diarrhea.

On Tuesday, Andrea Edwards, 31, of Stephens City, was sentenced to two years with time suspended -- meaning, she won't serve time in jail, reports the New Haven Register, but will spend the next year on supervised probation. 

Edwards, who worked as a lab assistant for Valley Health, reportedly took a contaminated stool sample from the lab and brought it into the office area, where she spread it on the co-worker's chair and mouse.

She had tested the sample herself, reports the New Haven Register, and knew that it had tested positive for a bacteria that is known to cause diarrhea, infection, stomach pain and even death.

Last month, John Robert Lind pled guilty to putting semen in his female co-worker's coffee in Minnesota. He had originally faced felony sex crimes, but those charges were dismissed after it was determined they wouldn't apply to indirect sexual contact, reports Huffington Post. Instead, he pled guilty to misdemeanor indecent exposure. His sentencing is set for May 22.

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Sources: Daily Mail, New Haven Register, Huffington Post

Photo Credit: Joseph Kranak/Flickr 


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