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LA Judge On Trial For Dog Poop Incident

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Craig Richman is currently in the courtroom, but this time, he’s not making a ruling on a case. Richman is the one on trial, facing a misdemeanor charge of battery after an incident with a woman walking her dog. He could face up to six months in jail.

According to reports, Richman was driving near his home when he saw a woman, Connie F. Romero, drop a small bag of dog poop on the ground. She didn’t pick it up, so Richman rolled down his window and asked her to dispose of it. Richman says that Romero became angry, threw the bag of poop into his car, and screamed at him.

As Richman pulled into his driveway and got out of his car to go into his home, he says that woman continued to yell at him and walked up the driveway to push him. After already being pushed, Richman says he pushed her back, which caused her to fall to the ground. Romero reportedly sustained minor injuries, including scrapes on here arms and legs and a cut above her eye.

A new charge, impersonating a police officer, was considered after Richman admitted that he told Romero he was an officer in an attempt to calm her down. However, Judge Christine C. Ewell decided against it because of the impact it would have at this late juncture.

"I do think had the amendment been made earlier, the defendant may have conducted a very different defense," said Judge Ewell.

This trial is ongoing, and it has been heated between the two sides.

"I thought I was the victim of this incident," said Richman in his testimony. "It was obvious to me that she was severely mentally ill."

In response to those claims from the defense, prosecutors are now making accusations that Richman is actually the mentally ill one because he “picked a complete stranger to accost in the street." 


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