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LA Fire Chief Forced To Apologize For Wearing Sombrero While Serving Tacos

Los Angeles Fire Chief Brian Cummings is having to apologize for posting an “insensitive” picture to his Twitter account recently.

What is this terribly offensive picture, you ask?

Cummings and three other firefighters wore sombreros and fake moustaches as they served tacos at a firefighter cooking competition. Is this really worthy of any outcry?

Firefighters at the competition were instructed to dress according to the food they were serving. Others at the event dressed as Hawaiians, characters from Top Gun and characters from the reality TV show “Duck Dynasty.”

Apparently some did not like Cummings’ choice of attire, and thus he was forced to post this official apology tweet:

“I sincerely apologize for any insensitivity or disrespect to anyone offended by posing for the photo from the Hope for Firefighters event.”

Cummings' boss Armando Hogan said, “the chief plans to meet with community members so that we establish a dialogue so that situations like this do not happen again.”

Call me insensitive but this whole thing seems a bit over the top. I really doubt Cummings was trying to make anyone mad by wearing a sombrero while he served tacos. 

Source: Daily Mail


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