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LA County Sheriff's Department Reports Missing M-16 Rifle

Los Angeles County Sheriff’s officials reported an M-16 rifle had gone missing Tuesday and that the department is unsure of how it was taken.

“It’s wrong. It’s embarrassing,” Department spokesperson Steve Whitmore said. “How could this have happened? Honestly, we don’t know.”

The department has vowed to draw up new weapon policies including recording gun usage from now on, while the California State Senate coincidentally considers a similar database for ammunition purchases.

Although officials have the rifle’s serial number, it was not recorded as “acutely” as others because it was an excess gun.

In an internal email retrieved by the Los Angeles Times, the Assistant Sheriff Todd Rogers told the department to “turn over every rock” to find the missing gun.

Supervisors have been ordered to inquire after every department commander, check every vehicle and every unattended locker.

“I can’t emphasize enough what a big deal it is when we lose an assault weapon, especially one entrusted to us through” the Governor's Office of Emergency Services, the email read.

Whitemore said that the OES had suspended the department from receiving excess government guns through a federal program until the rifle is found.

Sources: Fox News, The LA Times


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