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LA County Deputies Open Fire During Loud Music Beef At Camp

The scene was a peaceful campground in the town of Chino. But the peace was shattered Sunday night, first by overly loud music, then overly loud arguing — and finally, gunfire.

That’s what happens when off-duty police officers get drunk and go camping.

Two Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Deputies opened fire at the campground after a vociferous argument. The two, who were camping at separate sites, reportedly got int a dispute because of loud music. Quickly, the guns came out and shots were fired. It is still unclear how many, but a sheriff’s department representative said it was “more than one.”

No one was hurt in the incident as the off-duty deputies apparently fired their weapons into the air as more as a display of machismo than an actual threat.

A caller to police reported the gunshots emanating from Prado Regional Park (pictured).

Both deputies have been placed on paid leave from their duties, said sheriff's spokesman Steve Whitmore, who added, perhaps unsurprisingly, that “alcohol is suspected.”

He described the deputies’ behavior as “gross negligence.”

The LA County Sheriff’s Department has a history of internecine violence among deputies, the Los Angeles Times reported. Previous incidents included a deputy pointing a gun at a colleague’s head and threatening, “I’m going to kill you,” as well  as a female deputy who kicked another deputy in the groin unprovoked.

SOURCES: Los Angeles Times, KABC-TV


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