Ridiculous: 140 L.A. Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Must Close


The marijuana landscape is ever changing but overall we are winning many more battles than we are losing in this war. The Legalization Train Rolls On.

latimes The Los Angeles city attorney’s office has stepped up its drive to close illegal medical marijuana dispensaries, notifying operators and landlords of 140 pot shops that they must close immediately.

In a letter sent Monday, the office targeted dispensaries that did not file applications to participate in a lottery to choose 100 that will operate in the city. The city clerk received 228 applications from dispensaries and is reviewing them to make sure they meet the qualifications for the drawing, which include having been in business since Sept. 14, 2007.

The move restarts a process that began 10 months ago when the city sent warning letters to 439 dispensaries. That effort was disrupted when scores of dispensaries sued to challenge the city’s restrictive medical marijuana ordinance. A judge declared parts of the law unconstitutional in December and the City Council adopted a new ordinance in January.

Russ adds: Why a lottery? You mean Dispensary A, which runs a nice, clean, secure shop; which rigorously inspects and tests medicine for mold, mites, pesticides, and THC/CBD ratio; which treats customers fairly and works diligently to keep prices low; has exactly the same chance of continuing to do business as Dispensary B which is little more than a weed dealer with a storefront?  Random chance is your method for trimming the dispensary numbers down?


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