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Kyron Horman's Dad Launches Web Site

The father of missing Oregon boy Kyron Horman has launched a new Web site to help bring his son home. Kaine Horman hopes the site will keep awareness of Kyron in the news, eventually leading to his safe return. is run by volunteers. It features 12 pictures of Kyron, who disappeared from school on June 4th. The site asks people to do the following:

1. Spread the word - Send emails to friends, family, co-workers, church members, etc. and include this website; post this website and/or flier to your social networking accounts.  Keep this story going!

2. Distribute fliers - Download, print, and post fliers in your local area - shops, local businesses, your place of work (if allowed); fliers can be found in the bottom right-hand corner of this page.

3. Look for Kyron - Keep your eyes and ears open whenever you're out; watch for children who look like Kyron, and remember that his appearance may have been altered, i.e., no longer wearing glasses or wearing a different type of frame, hair may have been dyed a different color or cut to a different style, etc.  If you suspect a child might be Kyron, call him "Kyron" and look for a reaction from the child and the adult(s) he is with.

4. Report anything strange or suspicious - Report any possible tips to the Tip Line: 503-261-2847or call 911 if it is a critical/urgent situation.  Don't resist reporting a tip, even if you're unsure of its validity.  Many missing children are found by strangers reporting something that "just didn't seem right".

People can also donate money to help pay for the search for Kyron. No suspects have been named in Kyron's disappearance, but Kaine Horman is convinced his estranged wife, Terri Horman, knows something. She was the last person to see Kyron before he vanished.


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