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Kyron Horman Disappearance Now Considered Criminal

A major development in the case of missing Oregon boy Kyron Horman: Police have now classified the case as criminal.

"With the search and rescue mission completed at this time, we are moving operations toward the criminal investigative end of the spectrum." Capt. Monte Reiser said. "While we are still keeping all options open, it's a natural progression to move the overall focus to a criminal case."

Police have been looking for the 7-year-old boy since he vanished from school on June 4. The search has come up empty, so now that is being scaled back. However, that doesn't mean officers will stop looking for him entirely.

"We will be continuing this investigation," Sheriff Dan Staton said. "It is not going to stop and I am not going to cease in dedicating resources to locating Kyron."

Police are now offering a $25,000 for information leading to Kyron.

"This offer goes out in hopes that we can gather information," Staton said. "Most importantly, the information we have continued to gather at this point has led us in several directions."

Staton didn't elaborate on that information of those directions. Polices have been unusually tight-lipped about the progess of their investigation since Day 1.


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