Kyron Horman Case: De De Spicher 'Delusional'


Unless you have been following the Kyron Horman case, the name DeDe Spicher might not mean anything to you but she is the woman who has been staying with Terri Horman since Terri's husband and Kyron's dad walked out of the house taking their daughter with him.

DeDe, who has also been the subject of police flyers told People, "We were very worried for her life. There were death threats against her. And again, whoever has taken Kyron is still out there and could be after her, too."

Uh huh. Yeah. Well I can tell you where to look. Tell Terri to go look in a mirror. That is where the person who took Kyron is. Now, I don't know if this DeDe is someone who knows something or did something or just loves the idea of sleeping in the same house as a possible killer and someone who also wanted her husband dead. Oh, there is also the possibility that DeDe loves having People magazine call her and ask questions.

Whatever though she needs to realize that no one believes Terri. No one. Say whatever you want but it is not going to change the fact that one day Terri will go down for all of this.


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