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Kyron Horman Billboards Come Down; Off School Roster

Sad signs in Portland, Oregon that life is moving on without Kyron Horman. Most of the billboards featuring his picture are coming down, and he's been removed from his school's roster.

After Kyron went missing back in June, the media company Clear Channel donated the billboard space and materials for 30 billboards. The billboards were a fixture in Portland, begging for information that would lead to Kyron's safe return.

But gradually over the past few weeks most of the billboards have been replaced with traditional ads.

For those who saw the billboards every day, Kyron's photo was a constant reminder of this heartbreaking case.

"Just looked at that and it just broke my heart, you know, thinking nobody can find him," said Barb Sloan, whose office window looked directly out at one of the billboards.

Not all of the billboards are coming down -- about a half-dozen remain.

Meantime, Kyron was pulled from the roster at the Skyline School on Monday. It is district policy to remove students who have missed too many days. Kyron was last seen at the school on June 4.

Last week police said they are refocusing the investigation and downsizing staff. But they stressed they are not giving up on the hope of finding Kyron alive.

“We’ve reached the point—the info we’ve gathered—resources we’ve dedicated—we’ve narrowed it down to a scope,” Multnomah County Sheriff Dan Staton said.


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