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Tyga Implies He Is Not Father To Kylie Jenner's Baby

Tyga Implies He Is Not Father To Kylie Jenner's Baby Promo Image

Kylie Jenner's ex-boyfriend Tyga has made headlines once again, saying that he is not the father of Kylie's unborn child, after he had said days earlier the baby was his.

After Kylie's pregnancy announcement, the rapper had previously said in a since-deleted Snapchat, "Hell nah that's my kid" followed by devil emojis, according to Metro. But now, Tyga has implied that the child does not belong to him.

In an appearance on Keke Palmer's recent track for the #ForTheD challenge, Tyga rapped, "The baby mine? Hell no, for that p***y."

Comments on the Instagram post interpreted this to mean that Tyga was denying that Kylie's baby belonged to him.

"I'm cryin'," said one fan, according to the Sun. "He said 'the baby mine HELL NAH...' well, now we know it's definitely Travis' baby."

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Kylie is reported to be five months pregnant and is currently dating rapper Travis Scott. A source is reported to have said that the couple are "still trying to figure out their relationship" and don't have plans to get married right away.

Insiders said that Kylie's family had been concerned during her relationship with Tyga, according to People. The 20-year-old had reportedly said previously she was ready to be a mother.

"It was such a bad relationship," said another source. "Her family would beg her to protect herself. They were very concerned."

"Whenever things were good with Tyga, Kylie said she wanted a baby," said the source. "Between spending lots of time with her nieces and nephews and being around Tyga's son, she claimed she was ready."

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"Kylie has always talked about being a mom at some point sooner rather than later, and aside from being cautiously optimistic because of the situation with Travis - since they've only been together a short time - they're being supportive," said the source. Travis and Kylie have reportedly been dating since April.

Tyga is said to be dating Kamilla Osman, who closely resembles Kylie's sister, 36-year-old Kim Kardashian.

The day after Kylie's baby announcement went public, Tyga seemed to have commented on the situation at a set in Los Angeles.

"I got on question, did you come here single tonight?" Asked the rapper during his set at Avenue Los Angeles. "Sometimes it's better to be single. You know why? Because these hoes ain't loyal!"

Kylie and Travis have been reported to have spent over $69,000 baby shopping for clothes.

"This is going to be the best dressed kid you've ever seen," said a source.

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