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Kylie Jenner's Latest Instagram Posts Spark Debate (Photos)

Social media users are speculating about whether Kylie Jenner has had breast enhancement surgery.

Kylie's latest Instagram posts have several social media users convinced that the 19-year-old reality television superstar may have had some work done, the Daily Mirror reported.

While on vacation in Costa Rica, Kylie was spotted with rapper Tyga, and several people noticed something different about her.

Wearing a very low-cut neck-line white dress, Kylie appeared to have a noticeably fuller bust.

“Omg. So unfair how hot she is," one fan commented. "Ok, look at her page from the Christina Aguilera costume and then to the sports bra pics after. Def had a boob job."

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“As much as i love this girl.. she has definitely had work done,” another commenter wrote.

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Kylie is no stranger to flaunting her body on Instagram. With more than 84 million followers, several women have referred to her as "body goals."

"My body goals babe," one Instagram user commented on a photo of Kylie. "I'm obsessed with her!"

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"She is beautiful but remember she has money, implants and botox, so don't feel envy," wrote another.

Sources: Daily Mirror, Kylie Jenner/Instagram / Photo credit: Kylie Jenner/Instagram via Daily Mirror

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