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Did Obama Give Kylie Jenner A Medal Of Freedom?

A fake image of Kylie Jenner circulating on Twitter had some convinced that President Barack Obama awarded the reality TV star the Medal of Freedom for "realizing stuff."

On Nov. 22 President Obama superintended the last Medal of Freedom ceremony of his presidency, according to CNN. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Ellen DeGeneres, Robert De Niro, Bill Gates and Lorne Michaels were among the recipients.

On Nov. 23, an image circulated on social media that appeared to show the president awarding a medal to Kylie Jenner.

"Kylie Jenner receiving the Medal of Freedom from Obama yesterday for [realizing] stuff in 2016," a Twitter user wrote as a caption for the image, according to AceShowbiz.

Soon, fans of Jenner congratulated her on her achievement.

"Ooh my god, I can't believe this happened. congratulations?" one Twitter user wrote.

"Awww congrats," wrote another.

Others were more skeptical.

"Was it a joke that I heard that she got a medal but if she did get one I congrats she's sweet!!!" a fan wrote, according to the Daily Mail.

Some were irritated by the phony news.

"The United States is a messed up place really, how does Kylie Jenner get a Medal Of Freedom for the president?" a young man inquired.

The image was exposed as a hoax before long, with several people pointing out that someone Photoshopped Jenner's face onto Barbara Streisand's body. Streisand was awarded the Medal of Freedom in 2015.

In January, Jenner uploaded a video to the internet in which she spelled out her goals for 2016.

"What I want to accomplish for 2016 is a successful make-up line," she said. "I'm really feeling like this is my thing and I have my colors coming out hopefully the end of January or beginning of February and I'll update you guys on the date."

She added that 2016's "vibe" was about "realizing stuff and just coming into your own and finding yourself."

Sources: Daily Mail, CNN, AceShowbiz / Photo Credit: Twitter via Daily Mail

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