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Kylie Jenner Could Face Animal Cruelty Charges (Photos)

Kylie Jenner may face animal cruelty charges after one of her Italian greyhound dogs was featured on Snapchat appearing to be underfed.

LA County Animal Control confirmed to TMZ that complaints had been filed against Jenner and an investigation was underway.

In the Snapchat, Bambi’s ribs and spine can be seen. 

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“Please feed your dogs or give them to a loving, attentive home that will,” one commenter wrote, according to the Daily Mail. “Those dogs are starving.”

Another explained that even greyhounds, who are naturally lean, shouldn’t look that way.

“Kylie – this is sad. Even for you – suck up your pride and hear what everyone is saying before this becomes explosive,” another commenter wrote.

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The image is unusual, since Jenner is often seen lavishing her dogs with attention.

According to the Italian Greyhound Club of America, a healthy pup can "show a hint of three ribs and its hip bones," the New York Daily News reports. 

Sources: TMZ, Daily MailNY Daily News / Photo Credit: Daily Mail

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