Kuwait Woman Files for Divorce After One Week of Marriage Because Her Husband Eats Peas Improperly


Only one week after getting married, a Kuwaiti woman filed for divorce when she discovered her husband ate peas with bread instead of a fork.

The woman was apparently traumatized by the “shocking sight” and said she could no longer live with her husband, who has poor etiquette.

The news comes as a new study was released revealing there are at least 18 divorce cases a day in the country, according to lawyer Hawra al-Habib.

“One critical issue is that many spouses should use their engagement period to know each other well enough to decide whether they should go on with their union,” one lawyer said.

Experts say the number one reason for divorce in the country is the non-acceptance of couples of one another.

In another case, a woman filed for divorce because her husband squeezed the toothpaste tube in the middle and not the end. In a second case, a man divorced his wife because she refused to bring him a glass of water.

Sources: GA Daily News, Daily Mail


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