Kudos to Fox's Bret Baier for His Great Interview of Barack Obama


I was out-of-pocket for Bret Baier's interview with President Obama last night and just viewed it.

As usual, my physical reaction to having to watch Obama was a set jaw, pounding heart, and increased blood pressure. Ironic, considering the topic at hand, that Obama is bad for my health.

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But thank goodness for Baier, who finally won me over after months of my pining for Brit Hume at 5p every night, who Baier replaced as anchor of Fox News Special Report after the November election....

Big Journalism is right. What a contrast between O'Reilly's milk toast interview with Obama and Baier's, who tried to force Obama to just answer the questions and not spew talking points.

What a great laugh line, Baier speaking: "Sir, I know you don't like to filibuster, but - " Haha. Here was a another good one:

Baier: Monday in Ohio, you called for courage in the health care debate. At the same time, House Speaker Pelosi was saying this to reporters about the deem and pass rule: "I like it, this scenario, because people don't have to vote on the Senate bill." Is that the kind of courage that you're talking about?

An Obama untruth: "What I'm saying is whatever they end up voting on - and I hope it's going to be sometime this week - that it is going to be a vote for or against my health care proposal."

No, it's going to be a vote on the Senate healthcare proposal, vastly different than Obama's. Whether it could be fixed to resemble Obama's... or there is even a desire to... or how complicated that would be since Dems have determined to pass this via the reconciliation route... is anyone's guess. And Mitch McConnell just made a great point in a press conference. If a fix ever makes it to the House, it would merely mean its members voted for the various kickback schemes before voting against them.

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One final point. Baier kept asking Obama about the "ugly process," reading a reader letter capsulizing it: "If the bill is so good for all of us, why all the intimidation, arm twisting, seedy deals, and parliamentary trickery necessary to pass a bill, when you have an overwhelming majority in both houses and the presidency?"

Obama's response in various forms, "So the issue that I'm concerned about is whether not we're fixing a broken system."

In other words, the ends justify the means.

I thought Baier did a great job except for the apology at the end, which was unnecessary.


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