Ku Klux Klan Homework Assignment Shocks Fifth Grader's Father (Photo)

A Clinton, South Carolina, father was shocked by the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) themed homework assignment given to his fifth grade son.

“It blowed my mind,” Eric Robinson told Fox Carolina.

The social studies homework assignment asked fifth graders at Clinton Elementary School to create a wanted poster for a Ku Klux Klan member (photo below). Students were to sketch what the person looks like, provide three reasons why they are a “bad guy,” and include a “quote from a person living at the time showing what people might have said about this person.”

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(Photo Credit: Eric Robinson via Fox Carolina)

“It’s okay to teach kids about hate groups … But to me she went too far with it,” Robinson said, referring to the fifth grade teacher responsible for administering the assignment.

Laurens County School District Superintendent David O’Shields said the assignment fulfills the state requirement for schools to teach students that the KKK was a hate-group that promoted violence against Black Americans, reports The Blaze.

School officials spoke with the teacher about the assignment and are working on developing better ways to handle sensitive assignments such as this one in the future, and manage concerned parents.

School officials spoke with Robinson and he is satisfied with the explanation on why the assignment was given, but he contends that it was an inappropriate assignment and that it could have caused racial tension among children.

It has been decided that the students will not have to complete the assignment.

Sources: The Blaze, Fox Carolina / Photo Source: Martin/Flickr


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