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Ku Klux Klan Gives Out Candy In South Carolina Recruitment Drive (Video)

Residents of northwestern South Carolina report receiving bags of candy containing a sheet of paper asking them to join the Ku Klux Klan.

Oconee County residents say the bags turned up Saturday night and Sunday morning.

A piece of paper inside read: "Save Our Land, Join the Klan."

It included a phone number. When called, it reportedly plays an automated message reporting the KKK efforts opposing illegal immigration.

The self-proclaimed Imperial Klaliff of the Loyal White Knights Robert Jones told WHNS-TV that they hold a recruitment drive three times a year. He said the automated phone number receives 20,000 calls a day.

One woman told WHNS that her family found the bag while they were leaving for church Sunday morning.

"[I] talked to several neighbors. They were very angry, very upset, very ashamed at the same time - that this exists," the unidentified woman said. "Ashamed to face our neighbors that do not have the same color skin that we do."

"You shouldn't have to wake up and fear that somebody might burn a cross in your yard or throw something like this out in your driveway with nothing but hurt in their intention," she added.

Oconee County resident Bo Morris told the news station that the stunt was “unacceptable.”

Jones says the organization, which has more than 8,500 members, is not a hate group but a civil rights group that follows the Bible.

He says no one who received candy or literature should be afraid, unless they’re doing something the Klan would consider morally wrong.

Sources: ABC News, Fox News

Image screenshot: WHNS


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