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Krispy Kreme Employee Refuses To Serve Police

A Krispy Kreme donut shop employee caused an uproar on social media when she refused to serve a police officer.

According to the Inquisitr, the incident occurred at a Krispy Kreme in Columbia, South Carolina.

An officer with the Richland County Sheriff’s Department entered the drive-thru to place his order, when he met with trouble from a female employee who refused to serve him.

When Jeremy Thompson, a customer at the Krispy Kreme, asked the employee why she refused to serve the officer, she responded it was due to him being a policeman.

The incident angered Thompson, and he publicly vented his complaints in a Facebook post detailing the incident.

“I looked out the window and it was a police officer. I looked at the lady and asked her why she wouldn't serve him. She said " I don't do the Police.”

The post spread throughout social media like wildfire, and was eventually highlighted on Breitbart, where it caught the attention of other media outlets.

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Initially, it was unclear whether the Krispy Kreme took disciplinary action against the employee. This prompted the Richland County Sheriff’s Department to take to social media as well, displaying correspondence between themselves and Krispy Kreme manager Mechelle Carey:

Dear Citizens,

An incident involving the Krispy Kreme on Clemson Rd, SC where an employee refused to serve a law enforcement officer solely because he was a cop recently occurred and a witness posted the incident on social media which reached the attention of many. While unfortunate situations being shared and discussed via social media and other avenues is greatly appreciated so that corrective action can take place, the law enforcement community is certainly one who understands that the poor actions of one employee does not properly represent the views and values of the community, business, organization, etc. as a whole. The following are the correspondents between Mechelle Carey, manager of the Krispy Kreme on Clemson Rd where the incident occurred, and Sheriff Leon Lott. We sincerely thank our Krispy Kreme friends.

It was also publicly revealed, via correspondence between Krispy Kreme’s Mechelle Carey and the Richland County Police department, that the employee in question had been disciplined.

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Sources: Inquisitr, Breitbart / Photo credit: Washuotaku/Wikimedia Commons

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