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Korean War Veteran Attacked By Burglar In His Home

An 80-year-old Korean War veteran who is in a wheelchair says he was attacked by a burglar from behind and knocked unconscious at his Aurora, Colo. apartment after returning home from walking his dog Saturday evening.

Lee Pekish, who lost a leg while fighting in Korea between 1950 and 1954, says the attacker left him with a gash in the back of the head, reports 9 News. When he regained consciousness, he says there was blood everywhere and that his dog Toby and cat were right by his side. He reportedly called a friend named Sandy Nolan, who contacted police -- something she says he was reluctant to do.

“I says, he’s going to be cranky because he didn’t want me to call you,” Nolan said. “So if he gets cranky I am going to stand behind you!”

Pekish has lived in his home for four years and told Nolan that he believed someone was trying to break into his apartment for several months, reports Fox 31. He was treated at the hospital and given a CAT scan. The vet, who also survived being shot at in Korea while trying to escape after his platoon was attacked, is a proud member of the NRA, Nolan says.

“It’s a good thing they attacked him from behind or they would have been rudely surprised,” she said.

Police are still searching for suspects in this attack.

Sources: 9 News, Fox 31

Photo Credit: Screenshot via 9 News


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