Korean War Veteran Armond ‘Sonny’ Noah Has His American Flags Removed From Outside Of His Home By Management


The management of a federally subsidized housing facility in Georgia took down the American flags that a Korean War veteran had put up outside of his DeKalb County residence.

Armond “Sonny” Noah said his four American flags were taken from outside his home without notice, and that when he asked maintenance where the flags went, they didn’t have an answer, according to Fox News.

Noah, who lives in the Ashford Landing Senior Residences said that housing management simply removed his flags from a landscaping area.

My Fox Atlanta reports that several days later, Noah received a called from management officials, who told the Korean War vet that he couldn't add the flags in a commons area.

"I don't think we should have to fight for the flag," Noah said. "It was an honor for me to serve the country. And I was proud of that. I was a good soldier."

A spokesperson for the housing complex admitted that the matter was not handled correctly. They plan on issuing an apology to Noah and they'd also like to meet with the veteran and reach a compromise.

Sources: Fox News, My Fox Atlanta


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