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Korean Man Kidnapped, Decapitated Neighbor’s Dogs To Sell Meat At Grocery

A 70-year-old Korean man was arrested in Argentina on Tuesday for stealing domesticated dogs, fattening them up, killing them and selling their meat to a local grocery.

Buenos Aires police say the unidentified man decapitated the dogs with a machete, local newspaper Diario Popular reported.

A neighbor turned the man in after her two dogs went missing. Police raided the Florencio Varelo home and found the corpses of two dogs allegedly about to be sold to an Asian supermarket. There was another recently killed dog hanging from a hook.

The man was only charged with an administrative infraction for animal abuse, not a criminal offense for selling the meat.

He was released hours later.

Police are now trying to determine if the Asian store was labeling the dog meat as beef.

Sources: New York Daily News, Diario Popular


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