Korean Food Truck 'Cockasian' Banned From Serving At Texas Port


A Korean food truck was banned from serving at Port San Antonio, an industrial complex and aerospace facility, because of its name.

The owner of the “Cockasian” food truck, Candie Yoder, admitted the name is racy but doesn’t believe it should be banned from serving the 12,000 employees at the former Kelly Air Force Base.

"I am surprised. I thought it would get a little bit of cajoling, but nothing like this," Yoder told  MyFoxSanAntonio.

The problem arose when officials at the port Googled the restaurant to look at the menu and the search returned a dirty definition in the Urban Dictionary.

"We thought the name could be offensive to others,” said facility spokesman Paco Fellici.

Yoder says the name describes what she serves: hot fried chicken.

The name for a male chicken is “cock.”

"My Korean is based more on what they would get served in Korea, so it's spicy!" she added.

She says the controversy has actually helped her business quite a lot.

The food truck would have made its debut at Port San Antonio this month. Now it will debut at The Point on Boerne Stage Road on March 9.

Sources: MyFoxSanAntonio, Mediaite


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