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'I Sincerely Apologize': Korean Airlines Exec Responds After Her Nut Outburst

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A senior Korean Airlines executive has resigned following an outburst over a bag of nuts that forced pilots to turn the flight around and kick a flight attendant off the plane. Cho Hyun-ah, Korean Airlines’ senior Vice President, said in an emotional press briefing that she feels “ashamed” for her actions.

Cho, whose father is Korean Airlines chairman Cho Yang-ho, was on a flight out of JFK Airport in New York that was on the runway for departure. Before the flight could depart, Cho reportedly lost her temper when a male flight attendant gave her macadamia nuts served in a bag. Cho was angry that the attendant didn’t serve the nuts in a dish, which is reportedly protocol for first class passengers.

Cho then demanded that the flight attendant bring her the service manual so that he could learn the proper protocol for serving nuts in first class. The flight attendant was unable to locate the correct manual, prompting Cho to order that the flight be turned around and the attendant fired. “The chief flight attendant failed to get the right manual, and this led Cho to believe he was not qualified for that job,” a Korean Air official said.

Following the incident, Cho told reporters that she was truly sorry for what happened on the flight. “I sincerely apologize,” the now-former executive said with her head reportedly “bowed in shame” and her voice trembling. According to the Daily Mail, she will be meeting with the flight attendant she fired to offer him an apology.

Cho Yang-ho also responded to the incident, calling his daughter “foolish” and saying that he wishes he raised her better. Her actions also led to many throughout her country expressing their outrage; with some calling her a princess and others saying that she is an embarrassment to the nation.

Reportedly, none of the 250 passengers on the flight were informed that it would be turned around and subsequently delayed due to Cho’s outburst.

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