Kobe's comment

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First off I am totally dissappointed in Kobe's reply especially  since he knows he is a totally public watched figure. Does he realise what this can do for "HATE CRIMES" ???  He has totally added to those kids, male and female, that are bullied and have led may of those misled by parents to bash and kill those that are not black or white but GAY!!!!   Kobe, we all make mistakes but you need to watch what you say because it is not like one of us saying it because we do not have an image to keep up and protect those that are just as normal as you, maybe by not your standards of being "SRAIGHT". 

What if someone else had said F.......ing, N........ from one of his Caucasian players???? they probably would have been fined and put off the team for the season. 

 I love the Lakers and have always supported them but this forpaw totally turns me off. Obviously he does not approve of Gays, which he has his own personal view points, but again I hope he remembers what he said after some kid remembers what he said and bullies or some kid KILLS some gay kid over his comment!!!

 I just hope one of his children doesn't turn out GAY and something happens to them over his comment!!!


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