Kobe Bryant Apology for Anti-Gay Slur: “What I Said was Ignorant"

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Towleroad.com has a link to an ESPN interview with Kobe Bryant who, at last, goes beyond his brief apology made last week after he called a referee an anti-gay slur during a recent Lakers game.

Here is part of what he had to say: “Even though I didn’t mean it that way, I’ve since learned what that word still means to a lot of people. I went on-line myself and I did my own research and I saw and I read about kids who were committing suicide because of being teased for who they are. I don’t play that. I used to beat up a lot of kids even in high school who used to tease my friends because they were gay, or because they were black, or because they were Jewish, or because they were yellow, or because they were whatever. For people who don’t think my apology is sincere, they don’t know me. This isn’t over for me. I really plan to do more. What I said was ignorant and I really didn’t realize what I was saying. Now that I do and realize how it affects people I really plan to do more and to help with the awareness.”

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